Ikkan Art was initially established in New York City in 1982 by Ikkan Sanada. Specializing in the purchasing and selling of Modern and Contemporary works of art, Ikkan Art deals for its own account as well as on behalf of its international clients, who include key individual and corporate collectors, galleries, art dealers, investors and auction houses.

Ikkan Art also provides advisory services to both private and corporate clients in acquiring and improving their art collections on the global art market.

Ikkan Sanada also represents teamLab, an international art collective in digital art, since 2011. Ikkan advises teamLab’s global art activities including the sales, exhibitions and various events.

Founder Profile – Ikkan Sanada

Between 1971 and 1977, Ikkan Sanada worked at Galerie Tamenaga France, the first Japanese gallery in Paris dedicated to bringing major European paintings to Japan. In 1975, he was appointed Director of administration and import/export. From 1977 to 1979, after moving back to Tokyo, he workd at Galerie Tamenaga, Tokyo as Director of Foreign Operations.

In 1979-1980 Ikkan was a founding partner of Kindai Bijutsu, Inc. in Tokyo, an art dealership highly focused on providing consultancy to select Japanese collectors. Ikkan left the successful partnership in the summer of 1980 to study art history and arts administration at New York University. 1982 saw the incorporation of Ikkan Art International, Inc. in New York with Ikkan Sanada as its owner and president.

30 years later in 2011, spurred by a quiet confidence of the emergence of Asia as the key market for quality art, Ikkan moves to Singapore to set up a new base with the vision to present museum-quality artworks through his gallery into the region. As the COVID-19 made it difficult to travel globally, Ikkan settled in his home country and incorporated Ikkan Art LLC in Japan in 2021.

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